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Saturday, November 28, 2009

KR: DOKC Chapter 31 Sneak Peek "The Darkest Knight"

Dragon Knight: "Onyx? You're back? Where's CHiCA and Huy?" Onyx takes out their Advent Decks and throws them at Dragon Knight. Dragon Knight holds them tightly, "NO! Not them! You're gunna pay for Venting my friends!" The two summon their Sword Vents. Onyx slashes Dragon Knight pretty hard and Dragon Knight is down, "Now this war can come to an end, Once I Vent you, and Len Vents Kase, Xaviax will rule the world!" Dragon Knight is confused, "Len? Len's alive?" Dragon Knight uses all his strength and erupts into a fireball and charges at Onyx. Onyx begins backing away and is blasted out of the building and lands into a fountain.

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